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I - Objective: In 2004, I proved EUCLID'S fifth postulate which was considered indemonstrable.The first objective of the site is the exposition of this subject and the scientific discussion of the proofs. I will reply to all the questions related to the subject.

 Mathtruth-rachidmatta.com is a web site dedicated to the exact foundation of the Mathematics by spreading the truth about the principles of this science as it was well done by the Greek Mathematicians predecessors of EUCLID and by EUCLID himself. The Modern axiomatic theories are not suitable and they can't lead to the truth in Geometry and Arithmetic.


II - The main feature of the site is simplicity and clarity.
Accessible to any scientific critic, the author has to give his name, a brief CV and email address, so that the intrusive person will be eliminated.
All serious commentaries and critics will be published in both languages French and English.


III – In 2007 and 2008 the discussions will be concentrated on the subject "The Demonstration of EUCLID'S fifth postulate". In 2009 the site will be open to the foundation of arithmetic, number theory, and analysis.


IV –Citation (Gerald SUSSMANN)

"En mathématiques, les noms sont arbitraires. Libre à chacun d'appeler un opérateur auto-adjoint un éléphant" et une décomposition spectrale une "trompe". On peut alors démontrer un théorème suivant lequel "tout éléphant à une trompe". Mais on n'a pas le droit de laisser croire que ce résultat a quelque chose à voir avec de gros animaux gris."
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